Grow and differentiate your business by offering your customers better value, more services and give yourself a competitive edge. Our tools for cloud based migration, monitoring, and reporting solutions for Azure and Office 365 enable you to :

Accelerate Migrations and Drive Sales
with quick, accurate, usage-based modeling
Generate New Revenue
by offering additional services with value added applications
Migrate and Modernize at Scale
with automation that enables faster Azure migration with no configuration errors
Why CloudAtlas?
  • Assess the cloud readiness of your IT environment in minutes, not months

  • Identify actual resource consumption so you know what is being used, when, how and by whom

  • Identify over- and under-provisioned resources and develop cost-effective solutions

  • Offer reliable estimates and pricing for migrating to the cloud based on actual resource consumption so you get it right the first time

  • Application dependency mapping at the process level to ensure error free migration

  • Be in control with reporting on cost, cybersecurity and compliance

  • Visualize data and insights in a single, interactive dashboard accessible by multiple users across all geographies

  • Optimization, monitoring, and analysis that spans the entire cloud migration journey

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